Wednesday, March 18, 2009

London, Day 3 - Harrods has it all

As day three began we officially felt like residents of Earls Court Studios (our apartment building) and so started the day with errands including the internet cafe, post office, and the bank.
We then proceeded to Buckingham Palace, but unfortunately there was no changing of the guards ☹. We still had fun walking through the gardens and taking pictures as we made our way to Westminster Abbey and Parliament. We had lunch at a slightly touristy pub near Big Ben called the Red Lion where we tried traditional British dishes such as bangers n’ mash and fish ‘n chips. Everything was absolutely delicious.

Next we headed a little farther out on the Tube and took a look at Abbey Road and wrote our names on the wall outside of Abbey Road studios just to prove we had been there. We didn’t take our picture on the crosswalk but did watch a musician with his guitar walk back and forth multiple times trying to get the perfect shot.
After Abbey Road we took the Tube to Harrods – the amazing department store with everything from a bookstore to clothes to food to pianos to fossils. We had cream tea (afternoon tea with scones, delicious cream butter, jam, and of course cream for the tea itself) next to the chandelier room and it was seriously one of the best things we did all week. It was really nice to just sit and talk and enjoy an English tradition.

After a quick stop at the Harrods souvenir shop, yes they really have everything; we headed out again this time in search of Primark a discount store that my friend Laura had told us about, we found it but it was so crowded that we decided to come back the next day early. Along the way we found “Joey hats” the large top hat that Joey wears in friends on their trip to London, we of course bought three of them immediately for four pounds each. It might have been a little touristy but it was just one of those things that I had to do.

After a short trip home we then made our way to the Jack the Ripper walking tour but unfortunately got stuck on the Tube in between two stations for 55 mins! The time actually passed relatively quickly and everyone on the train stayed very calm but we did miss our tour. We ended up just walking around for a little while and seeing the city all lit up, I even started skipping at one point – I mean how many people can say that they went skipping through London at night, well now I can.

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